The Redpoll Centre

Building Collaborative Community.

The Redpoll Centre at Shell Place

The Redpoll Centre is now located at Shell Place on MacDonald Island.  This website is no longer being maintained.  Please click here to get current information. 

                                 The Redpoll Centre

The Redpoll Centre is named after the local Redpoll bird.  This is a hardy species that spends winters facing the cold weather in Fort McMurray, as opposed to flying south with most other birds.  There are several sub-species of Redpolls, however, you will see the many different varieties all co-mingling within a single large flock.

The Redpolls seem to have a very strong "sense of community"  and we chose to name our centre after them as a metaphor for all the different agencies that are coming together here to collaborate, and learn from one another.